This Video is titled “Rachael” and is inspired by the character in the movie Blade Runner. It's a digital art experimental study, the first in a series of collaborations between two Italian guys, Igor Imhoff (Video Artist) and Deckard (Electronic Musician/Producer), a new audio, video and a 3D graphic animation concept for cyberpunk characterization. The original title “Miles Away” inspired the digital artists because it perfectly sums up the idea of man moving away from himself, from his nature, projecting into a cyber future that cannot prescind from the integration between machine and body. The music is a remix by Deckard of one of Depeche Mode's songs: Miles Away/The Truth Is. Deckard used only the vocal track of the original song to build a brand new arrangement, consistent with his electronic music genre. DECKARD - facebook.com/deckardelectronic